CGRP levels
migraine attacks

While research into the exact mechanism that causes migraine is ongoing. CGRP is known to play a role.5,6

When CGRP binds to CGRP receptors, it causes pain, inflammation, and vasodilation.5-7

CGRP=calcitonin gene-related peptide.
QULIPTA™ blocks CGRP protein from attaching to CGRP receptors

QULIPTA prevents migraine by directly blocking CGRP RECEPTORS

QULIPTA blocks the CGRP protein from attaching to receptors to prevent migraine attacks.

QULIPTA is the only once-daily preventive oral CGRP receptor antagonist.1,6

QULIPTA Pharmacokinetic Profile

1 to 2 hours:
time to peak plasma concentrations (Tmax)1

11 hours:
elimination half-life1

The clinical significance of these data is not known.

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